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Gun Safety

I have proven that I’m not afraid to stand up to the powerful gun lobby. In one of my first actions in Springfield, I filed House Bill 3553, to prohibit local governments from passing any ordinance restricting enforcement of any state gun law. My public opposition to these so-called “sanctuary counties” made me a target of gun extremists nationwide. There were videos on YouTube urging angry gun owners to “reach out and touch” me, and I had to contact the police because of the threats made against me and my family.

Despite their threats and bullying, I won’t back down. I was a proud co-sponsor of HB 96, the Fix the FOID Act, which would have tightened Illinois gun ownership laws and provided more resources to enforce existing laws that aim to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. That bill also would have required private gun sales and transfers to be conducted through a licensed firearms dealer, with the dealer holding on to the firearm until background checks are cleared.

I also support:

  • A ban on high capacity magazines.

  • Requiring statewide licensing of gun dealers.

  • Closing the gun show loophole.

  • Raising the age to purchase assault weapons.

  • Prohibiting “bump stock” and other trigger modifications like the ones used in Las Vegas to turn firearms into fully automatic weapons.